Fairmont Aged Care





Bexley, NSW


26 weeks - currently still in progress


Project budget
$3 Million


Hydraulics budget

Project description
This project included the knock down of an existing dwelling which was on site and replacing it with a new building.


Project works

  • The addition of 11 new wards all with private bathrooms.
  • Additional staff bathroom and commercial laundry.
  • Major service upgrades including the civil stormwater infrastructure


Project insights

This one was our first in the aged care sector. Being a live site, with residents still on the premises meant that we had to work to be as minimally disruptive as possible and the project was particularly time sensitive.

The Fairmont was best described as tricky in regards to the space constraints with numerous trades working in close proximity. This meant space was at a premium and there was not the luxury of having excess tools in a common area that we could easily access. We had to be extremely organised including having all the tools we needed at hand as it was a long walk back to the ute to go and get them! This sounds simple enough, but it is an easy trap to fall into when teams are used to a level of comfort which comes with ease of accessibility. A challenge such as this calls for productivity and time management which our team had no issues rising to.

Navigating the aged care sector during COVID was challenging for anyone who encountered it. For our project it meant an additional level of administration, particularly when it came to staying up to date with the latest health guidelines remaining compliant with health requirements. We ensured that we integrated these requirements into our work plan and that we made allowances to be on site well in advance daily to undertake the new levels of protocols without it affecting our schedule.

We really enjoyed this aged care project and it is something we are looking to engage in more of in the future.