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Our commercial services include:

  • Sanitary and storm water drainage
  • Trade waste services and treatment solutions
  • Fire hydrant and hose reelsystems
  • Gas services installation
  • Hot and cold-water services


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Our industrial services include:

  • New hydraulic services to factories and warehouses
  • Extensions and upgrades to existing hydraulic services
  • Water harvesting and reuse design and installation
  • Backflow prevention installation and servicing
  • Gas services
  • Trade waste service installation
  • Trade waste treatment solutions
  • Fire safety services
  • Venting and flueing systems


Watertight Plumbing & Drainage - Services - Civic Plumbing & Drainage


Our civil services include:

  • Storm water drainage systems
  • Storm water detention and retention systems
  • Rain water harvesting systems
  • Water main installations
  • Large sewer services and manhole construction
  • Fire hydrant installation and certification
  • Mains water and sewer tap ins and connections


As our area of specialty, we understand that there is a sophisticated level of expertise needed to successfully work in the commercial plumbing sector. The team are focused on providing quality detail in our workmanship and our project approach whilst remaining aware of budget and project timelines.

Our commercial projects have included schools, aged care facilities and community centres with Zen Oasis recently added to this – a state of the art function centre and restaurant due to open in early-mid 2021.

Watertight Plumbing & Drainage - Services - Commercial Projects


Industrial buildings are unique and need the right professional for the project. These large-scale projects demand time efficiency and the right experience to see the work completed on time and to satisfaction. Watertight Plumbing and Drainage can deliver.

We have experience working on a range of factory and warehouse jobs and are committed to being on hand, available and transparent throughout the entirety of the project.

Watertight Plumbing & Drainage - Services - Industrial Projects


Civil requires big players for the big projects and Watertight Plumbing has the right tools for the job! From sub-divisions to interallotment drainage our approach to project management ensures that we sit with our clients from the outset, going over plans and making sure we map out the path to get the job done and pinpointing any possible roadblocks before they occur.

We know that these projects mean working with a wide array of trades on site to get the result and we work with you every step of the way, trying to remain a step ahead of the pack to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. It is our commitment to providing the highest quality workmanship and communication to see the project completed.

Watertight Plumbing & Drainage - Services - Civic Plumbing & Drainage

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