Newington College





Stanmore, NSW


10 weeks - Completed in early 2020


Project budget
$1.5Million - $2 Million


Hydraulics budget

Project description

Newington College engaged Denton Projects to upgrade and provide additional amenities on their K-6 and 7-12 campuses at Stanmore, Particulars for this project included the removal of offices and the addition of a bathroom at Wyvern House (K-6) and a large scale refurbishment of the Taylor Sports Centre, located on the year 7-12 campus. The college brief included a range of outcomes in terms of educational benchmarks as well as those that met their environmental impact policy.

Project works

  • Refurbishment of existing amenities, change rooms and staff facilities.
  • Relocation of hydraulic services to suit new amenities.
  • Construction of amenities in existing office location.

Project insights

There is no doubt that the level of quality of the facilities offered at Newington College can only be described as prestigious so it was nothing short of amazing to be aligned with this project. After taking on the original smaller contract at Wyvern House, we knew we were up for the challenge when the opportunity presented itself to work on the larger Taylor Sports Centre. We were still working on Wyvern House when this second job arose - despite not yet reaching the completion stage of our first contract it showed our previous work had spoken for itself when we were awarded this second contract.

The project presented considerations rather than challenges with the main one being the management of service shutdowns around the day to day workings of the school. Newington College is a live site with over 1300 students present on the 7-12 campus alone. For the college, minimal disruption was crucial, and as such, we committed ourselves to work through the Christmas break when students and teachers weren’t on site in order to achieve this.

The College has an outstanding reputation for both education and amenities, meaning no less than excellence was demanded of the workmanship we had to deliver, This made it a privilege to be able to add Newington to our project portfolio.