St Joseph's Primary School





Schofields, NSW


40 weeks - completed mid 2020


Project budget
$10-15 Million


Hydraulic budget


Project description

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta commissioned the construction of a new 2 storey, state of the art 2,700m2 learning centre for St Josephs College to keep up with the increasing demand in enrolments. The brief for this project included the development of a new era of learning facilities including a general learning area and activity hub.

Project works

  • Hydraulic services required for amenities and outdoor learning spaces.
  • Major stormwater service upgrades including installation of a gross pollutant trap.
  • Large rain-water collection and re-use system. Including storage tanks and pumps.
  • Installation of a new fire hydrant service and pump. Including connection to authorities’ water main

Project insights

The construction of St Josephs demonstrated the true epitome of what the future of educational facilities look like and I explain it to anyone who asks in one phrase: State of the art.

The architecture and design of this college set it apart from any project we had worked on to date. From outdoor learning spaces utilising sinks, integrated learning pods and innovative food tech and sensory areas, even the bubblers were the most advanced I had ever seen! The architect was hands-on throughout the whole process to ensure that the finishes were to the quality that was expected.

Awareness of the noise output that fixtures produced was a high priority in this build and meant taking the time to assess each product not just on its own merit, but on our installation of them to make sure we met this brief.

St Josephs was one of those projects that was remarkable, not just because of the hydraulics work we were contracted to undertake, but watching each of the separate amenities and zones coming together. It became this cohesive state of the art learning space that we could have only dreamed of when we were kids and showed me what to expect to become “the norm” in the future.